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"Product Audit"

EMT has also developed a customized analytical service, the “Product Audit”, utilizing state of the art analytical equipment and the experience and expertise of the EMT staff. A “Product Audit” is a testing protocol EMT has developed to assist in determining compliance, to any global environmental directive, at the component level.

Several Global Environmental Compliance Directives require compliance at the homogeneous material level. However, access to the homogeneous materials that make up your finished product is virtually impossible. Also, verifying compliance from your vendors can also be very challenging. 

The premise of the “Product Audit” is to determine compliance based off the finished product. EMT’s experienced and trained technicians will deconstruct your product into homogeneous materials(1). The homogeneous materials (1) will then go through the “Product Audit” process.

The benefits of the “Product Audit” are:

  • Excellent way to confirm compliance
  • Develops stronger “Due Diligence”
  • Isolates specific materials that may be considered “high risk”
  • Isolates specific vendor’s material that may be “high risk”
  • Analyzes the actual material after the manufacturing process
  • Removes the need to rely on vendors to provide samples 

Please review the “Product Audit” Strategy brochure and contact Gerald Bagnowski at 847 324 3323 or gbagnowski@emt.com.

(1) Please note that deconstructing the finished product into homogeneous material, as defined in IEC 62321, is virtually impossible. However, using the “Product Audit” as a auditing assessment when the actual homogeneous materials are not available is a compliance option.


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